Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updated Calendar of GT Events

Date.Time.Place. Description.
24 November. Happy Harvest, Happy Thanksgiving.
7 December. 10h00-12h00. Malibu Lagoon. Outreach to Young Children Nature Walk. Contact Pepperdine Volunteer Center, Brittany Thompson.
8 December. 19h00-22h00. Green Living Project Hosts "LA Sustainable Films Premier."Stage 22 at Bellevardo Studios (Silverlake) 2107 Bellevue Avenue LA, CA 90026.
losangeles11 for more information.
25 December. Merry Christmas! Love, GreenTeam

Spring 2012. 
17h30. Nutrition Cooking Lab in AC. GT California Cuisine Cooking Class. 
17h00. Elkins Auditorium. GreenTeam Sustainable Film Series Premier - Dirt! The Movie, King Corn, and Queen of the Sun.
Gardening Days Frequently on Saturdays.

11h00. Garden site. Pepperdine Organic Garden Opening Ceremony to the University.
4 April. 12h00 - 14h00. Adamson Plaza. Earthday Celebration.

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