Monday, November 28, 2011

The Joy of a Jaunt at the Malibu Farmer's Market

I went to the Malibu Farmer's Market yesterday and walked around enjoying the fragrance of fresh produce, pressed juice, and homemade treats.  The wisps of sound reached my ear of people discussing the growing of this or that, the making of this soap and that jam, and the ingredients to their creations as totally organic and without preservatives.  How wonderful!  I tried fresh, raw Amish cream with lime juice and then bought two bottles of Rosa's Fermented Hibiscus Tea (it was so delightful and quenched my thirst after working out at the garden for an hour or so).  It was full of healthy probiotics and I read on the label the ancient Egyptians Pharaohs used to drink Hibiscus Tea.  That made it even cooler.  Rosa's Tea also uses special water in making their tea that at molecular level is pure and easy to penetrate one's cells for optimal hydration. For more information and to see this product go to: []  It is sold at the Farmer's Market every Sunday from 10h00-15h00 in Malibu (across from the new park) and PCGreens (a grocer on the PCH, just past the Malibu Pier).
I encourage you all to consider healthy and succulent options as the holiday season begins, and also to visit the Malibu Farmer's Market for perhaps a refreshing drink and some color therapy in looking at all the wonderful produce God has made and in which humans have mindfully and carefully cultivated.  Also, I wish you all good health and happiness.
Emilyrose Reeder
Co-President, GreenTeam
[p.s. the photo above I took last year in Nice, France.  You will notice the Euro sign next to the price.  France's farmer's market are absolutely incredible and bursting with delicious produce.  Of course, the French know what is the best.]

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