Tuesday, January 24, 2012

G.T. Calender of Events, Spring 2012

DATE. Time. Location. What. Note.
FRIDAY, 27 JANUARY. 18h00 [6PM]. Joslyn Plaza/Fountain Courtyard. GreenTeam Booth at REEL Stories Film Festival, stop by to chat with us about our community garden, getting involved in our sustainable projects and events, and try some freshly whisked Matcha Green Tea with Stevia and dripping, soothing honeycomb.
TUESDAY, 31 JANUARY. 19h00 [7PM]. TBA. GreenTeam General Meeting to discuss getting involved with the planting and growth of our organic community garden and other fun events and projects.
TUESDAY, 7 FEBRUARY. 19h00 [7PM[. TBA. GreenTeam General Meeting.  To discuss details of the garden plots/application process, and pairing students with faculty and staff families; also to plan for the specific seeds and plants you would like to plant for the spring season.
THURSDAY, 9 FEBRUARY. 19h00 [7PM]. Elkins. Screening of documentary, Climate Change Refugees, hosted by the Center for Sustainability. Q&A with Michael Nash afterwards.
FRIDAY, 17 FEBRUARY. Garden Applications for Spring, Summer 2012 due to HAWC front desk, Dr. Doran's office, or PepperdineGT@gmail.com.
SATURDAY, 18 FEBRUARY. 10h30-14h00. Garden on Campus. GARDEN DAY ONE. 
SAT, 25 FEBRUARY - SUN, 4 MARCH. Spring Break.

SATURDAY, 10 MARCH. 10h30-14h00. Garden on Campus. GARDEN DAY TWO.
SATURDAY, 17 MARCH. 10h30-14h00. Garden on Campus. GARDEN DAY THREE.
SUNDAY, 18 MARCH. 10h30-whenever we feel like it. Garden on Campus. Join GreenTeam for a vigorous hike and burn so many calories you can eat double with us at our French-inspired picnic (i.e. cheese, baguettes, olives, and dark chocolate dessert).
SATURDAY, 24 MARCH. 10h30-14h00. Garden on Campus. GARDEN DAY FOUR.
FRIDAY, 30 MARCH. 17h00 [5PM]. Garden on Campus. ORGANIC COMMUNITY GARDEN OPENING CEREMONY. Join us for a very special evening basking in the shadow of fruit trees, vegetables, and candlelight as we commemorate the mission of the garden and its purpose for creating a sustainable future for Pepperdine and the greater world.  Good food and music, too.

TUESDAY, 3 APRIL. 17h00 [5PM]. TBA. Organic California Garden Cuisine Cooking Class with the whole GreenTeam.  Basically, it is going to be delicious.
WEDNESDAY, 4 APRIL. 11h30-14h00. Joslyn Plaza. Join us in celebrating all God's Creation  - Earthday Activities include educational student booths, free food, movie screening, and a trip to the garden on campus for a special GreenTeam Convocation.