Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all those who have contributed their love, time, prayers, wisdom, tools, and money to the fruition of our Organic Community Garden.  We are so blessed.

Outstanding Pepperdine Students
Executive Team Spring 2012: 
Juan Godinez (Co-President), Melissa Marzigliano (Co-President)
Lorina Jasso (Vice President), Hannah Berbos (VP), Kelsie Wilber (VP), Mirtilla Alliata (VP), Alex Smith (VP).
Executive Team Fall 2011: 
Matthew Schiller and Emilyrose Reeder (Co-Presidents), Juan Godinez (VP), Lorina Jasso (VP), Kelsie Wilber (VP), and Hannah Berbos (VP).
Executive Team Fall 2010, Spring 2011: Clifford Champion (Co-President, visionary), Emilyrose Reeder (Co-President)
Matthew Schiller (VP), Melanie Sollitt (VP), and Melissa Marzigliano (VP).
Executive Team Fall 2009, Spring 2010: Clifford Champion (President), Melanie Sollitt, Melissa Marzigliano, Kristopher Leslie, and Lisa Ikeda.
Jessica Herrera, volunteer
Kayla Ferguson, videographer
Kristopher Leslie, social media coordinator
Sarah Attar, photographer 
Efrain Gonzalez, for always showing up
Carson Byrd, Rochelle Gordon, Kelly Larson, + Samantha Jacobi, for investing time into GreenTeam's future
Alison Johnson, in the history of G.T. the first to submit a garden application
Rebecca Faulkner, because she loves honeybees
Wojtek, Jack, and Graham - ATO strength
Inter-Club Council
Student Government Association, Executive Team and Constituents
The Pepperdine Graphic - covering our cause in the student paper

Wise Pepperdine Faculty
Dr. Christopher Doran, faculty advisor - works tirelessly for our cause, in the classes he teaches to the conferences he attends to the advice he gives to us.
Kathryn Linehan - who believed in GreenTeam since it began
Edwin Cahill, donated tool shed for our gardening tools

Exceptional Pepperdine Administration and Staff
President Benton and Mrs. Benton - donate their acute attention to our GreenTeam dreams, hold huge responsibility for the present outstanding stability of our University, and play a huge role in the furthering of the Christian mission Pepperdine stands by
Rhiannon Bailard and Peter Duby - Center for Sustainability - tremendous support
Betsy Burke, donates her love and positive outlook, donated a sustainable PolyWood garden bench (made from recycled milk bottles)
Heidi Jaeger and friends, potted lemon tree
Heidi Bernard and Crest Associates
Phil Phillips, Chief Administrator Officer
Leslie Seah, donates her love and light every time we talk with he, also a fabulous, imaginative cook
Gloria Serleto, forever young, inspires us at the garden
Mark Davis, Dean of Student Affairs
Stacy Rothberg, Director of Dining Services
Connie with Pepperdine Dining Services 
Sarah Jaggard, supporting our GreenTeam Bible Study Club Convocation titled "Pioneering Christian Stewardship"
Kapua Kauhane, Director of Inter-Club Council 
Marie Thomas, Inter-cultural Affairs Director
Peter Betancourt, Eric, Tony, Rick Leech, Bob Bullard, Dave Heetland with Facilities Management and Planning, donated countless hours, an irrigation system both in parts and installation, raising our entire garden for water safety, providing virgin Pepperdine soil to mix with our compost to plant our seeds.

Lovely Malibu and Greater Community
Dean Miya - donations of exorbitant strength, time, and a neatly name plated measuring tape
Clark Cowan, owner of Cowan Landscaping and father of Pepperdine student - donations of advice, truckloads of gravel, rolls of weed barrier and chicken wire all free of charge
Denise Ritchie, founder of Malibu Compost - rich, biodynamic compost bags to start our garden
Ed Jaeger with Ironclad Performance Wear - high quality gardening gloves
Andy Lipkis (founder) and Ryan Allen (director) with TreePeople - a plethora of fruit trees for our garden
Jeff and June Louks, Malibu Agricultural Society - love, education, inspiration, and delicious food
LCDR Silver and her U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corp's Troop - for swarming our garden with gusto one lovely afternoon to help us dig our plots out, we could not have done it without them.

Contracts and Reduced Prices
John Lyons and Adam with The Woven Garden - built 12 beautiful redwood garden boxes at a fair price, advice on planting
Republic Fence Company, Brian Wolff - built our 70' x 40' fence
Bob Vineyard, Pacific Sands, Inc. - discounted garden water filters to ensure quality water for our garden produce
Bart with Hmlty Clothing - discounted our GreenTeam garden tshirts, custom designed, + had them done in remarkable time.
Robert Kofke, President of Central Piedmont, Inc. - discounted our 5' white backless Patio PVC Shoppe garden benches
Thayers Natural Remedies - sent us three boxes of Rosewater with Aloe Vera to give away on Earthday, natural skincare
EcoSphere Company - discounted our gift purchases

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