Saturday, September 3, 2011

Calendar of Events for the Fall Semester 2011

Date.Time.Place. Description.
Wed. 14 September. 11h00-14h00. Joslyn Plaza outside the Caf. GreenTeam Organic Food at CultureFest.
Mon. 19 September. 8h00. Garden Applications will be sent to your email - you may register individually or with an organization you are part of.  You will appoint a Garden leader and three Garden members from your group to learn about the soil, planting, watering, and general maintenance of your plot throughout the semester.  If you are not on our mailing list, contact us to receive an application.
Applications will also be available in hard copies outside HAWC120 office.
Mon. 26 September. 18h00(6PM). PC191. Mandatory GreenTeam Garden Meeting, Free Tshirts.
Sat. 1 October. 10h30. Garden site on Campus. Mixing Soil and Planting Fall Crop at Garden, free tshirts, appetizers, and apple cider.
Wed. 5 October. 9h00. Garden site. GreenTeam Bible Study Club Convocation (limited to 12 people, sign up on convo webpage).
Sat. 8 October. 10h30. Garden site. "Maintaining Your Plot and Composting" Class.

Sun. 16 October. 8h15-12h30. Tend a Community Orchard with TreePeople's Fruit Crew and the Pepperdine Volunteer Center.  Special Programs meet 8h15, Contact: Brittany Thompson or sign up on the PVC webpage.
12, 19, 26 October. 9h00. Garden site. GT Bible Study Club Convocation.
2 November. 8h30. Meet at end of Baxter Drive to go on GreenTeam hike to the cross.
4 November. 8h00-14h00. Drescher Large Auditorium. SEER Symposium on Sustainability with Grazadio Business School.
9 November. 9h00. Garden site. GT Bible Study Club Convocation.
17 November. 18h30-19h30. Malibu Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. 23835 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA 90265. "Going Green While Saving Green" Free Lecture. +310.456.9025
19 November. 10h30-14h00. Garden site. Planting and Tending to the Garden. Free tshirts, food, and water.  BYOreusable waterbottle
7 December. 10h00-12h00. Malibu Lagoon. Outreach to Young Children Nature Walk. Contact Pepperdine Volunteer Center, Brittany Thompson.
8 December. 19h00-22h00. Green Living Project Hosts "LA Sustainable Films Premier."Stage 22 at Bellevardo Studios (Silverlake) 2107 Bellevue Avenue LA, CA 90026. for more information.
Spring 2012. 17h30. Nutrition Cooking Lab in AC. GreenTeam California Cuisine Cooking Class. 
Spring 2012. 17h00. Elkins Auditorium. GreenTeam Sustainable Film Series Premier - Dirt! The Movie, King Corn, and Queen of the Sun.
April 2012. 11h00. Garden site. Pepperdine Organic Garden Opening Ceremony to the University. Garden Site on campus.
12h00 - 14h00. Adamson Plaza. Earthday Celebration.

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